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+50000 Webtemplates,PHP,Fonts,usw. auf DVD kaufen


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+50000 Webtemplates,PHP,Fonts,usw. auf DVD - Artikelbeschreibung
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DVD Resource
The DVD resource

You Can Spend hours, days, weeks and months Trawling the internet and auction sites and pay silly money for potentially out of date information OR, Buy “DVD Resource” right here, right now and save yourself a FORTUNE! PLUS, Get a whole lot more for your hard earned money...

This DVD is Filled to the Brim and overflowing with the most incredible collection you'll find ANYWHERE!

  • 35'000+ eBooks including all those top money spinners currently selling individually on the web and auction websites!
  • 3'600 Incredible Windows Wallpapers!
  • Over 11'500 Mobile Phone Ringtones!
  • More than 600 Mobile Phone Java games!
  • 750MB+ Of Fun Movies, Pictures, Insults and Sounds!
  • Over 100 Auction site templates.. and even More PDF templates!
  • Animated Gif's, Ebook Covers, 99 Amazing Flash Banners!
  • Literally hundreds of great business idea's ready to go!
  • 2,000 + Amazing retro arcade games to play on your PC
  • 100 Logo Templates, Mobile Phone Software, Gallery Software and Much, Much More...

DVD Bonus! We'll also include 2'000 Professionally design website templates!! WOW!


Directly from stock: We'll dispatch your DVD immediately (same day if possible) following payment. We'll ship 1st Class Recorded delivery to the UK or Airmail worldwide.

It's no good putting this amount of information and software on a DVD if you have to dig to find the juicy bits! So, we've put a simple to use menu system right on the DVD, you just need to put the DVD in your drive and it will load automatically (PC Only Feature)
When you purchase "Awesome DVD Resource", you are buying a physical product that will be delivered to your door in FULL RETAIL PACKAGING. That means a sealed DVD case, Printed Inlay and Printed DVD

We're so confident that you'll love "Awesome DVD Resource" that if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we'll refund you!* There is NO RISK with this!

*Note: P&P Costs are not refunded. For details of regular shipping costs please Email us with your country information


eBooks are just the start of this JAM PACKED DVD. We've crammed 4.7GB (about 6 filled CD-ROM's worth) onto this disc - Just take a look at the other great stuff you get..


There is a whole 750MB+ of fun images, sounds and video's - if you're anything like us, you'll laugh your head off for hours! There is no better way to brighten a dreary day.


3600 TOP QUALITY Windows wallpapers ready to put straight onto your desktop! This is simply the most comprehensive collection you'll find anywhere.


How about your own ebook business complete with professionally designed website.....????
This business opportunity on its own is worth £50 + but you get it as a small part of this AMAZING DVD

You get the 30 TOP SELLING ebooks on the web right now (brought individually they are worth over £80)...They are all yours with this package..... 

Its totally customisable, you can add/delete ebooks change prices etc. using the html editor

submit your site to hundreds of search engines with the search engine submitter and get thousands of visitors to your site using the top quality software and tutorials that come with this amazing package..

There are many many more business opportunities complete with websites, you could soon be running your own business empire




Website Hosting Script
If you're considering leasing out a portion of your web server to other webmasters, then you may want to look at this script. With features like users can delete files, rename files, upload files and register for space combined with admin abilities to delete/add users and set user space allotments, this script may answer your needs. And you can resell it!

Popup Exit Exchange Script
With a user friendly administrative interface, you can customize rejection e-mails, set the exchange ratio of your choice, e-mail individual, multiple or all members, ban an IP address or an entire IP address range, and much more! This baby even comes with an advanced onboard search engine, making the search of your database, a breeze! On top of that, you can sell the sites you make or the script!

Thumbnail Gallery Post Script
This is one of the scripts we bought, along with the rights to it. This script has created an automatic TGP service that automatically adds the approved galleries once per day and easily manages newly submitted galleries, this script will update your daily galleries and even post your previous submitted galleries. Built in codes to co-brand other webmasters who want to integrate your TGP listing and Add URL page to their page instantly and very easy. Note: This script was written for 'adult-services' type site to utilize. However, I really feel that a photographer or online art gallery could put this to use. It retails for $75.00 elsewhere.

Automatic PICTURE POST Script
Picture Post service is one of the biggest traffic builders in service, because the content is updated daily and most visitors will return again and again. Popular Picture Post sites are getting 1-3 million visitors a day and common Picture Post sites are getting 30 thousands to 1 million visitors a day. Because Picture Post services must be updated daily, the time of reviewing and inserting of submitted pictures needs a lot of effort and it's very time consuming. An AUTOMATIC Picture Post service that automatically adds the approved pictures everyday and easily manages newly submitted pictures. This script will update your daily picture post and even post your previous submitted pictures. It retails for $75.00 elsewhere.

Affiliate Master Script
Once you have a product to sell there is no better way to sell it than starting an affiliate program for it. And when you have an affiliate program, why not automate it? That's the purpose of this quality script. Nicely done.

Server Info Script
This is one of those useful little scripts that is simple to install and worth every bit of it's 1 kb size. Install it and then surf to it in your browser. It will provide you with all of your server info on a single page. Ideal if you host web space. Provide a link to the page this script produces and all information anyone needs to install a script is right there!

Doorways Script
Do you have a product that would sell well on a 'doorway page'? Install this script and be able to offer your customers/visitors the opportunity to create a single doorway page, easily and on your server (you can dump it anytime). I've not installed but it comes with a single .cgi script and an e-mail .dat file. Seems simple enough!

Pass-O-Matic Script
So, you're in need of a simple, yet effective script that will permit you to offer registration, for password protected entry into one particular directory? This is one such script that claims to do the trick. I've seen it in action so I know it works. In .cgi format, it's simple in operation. Rarely do you see such a simple (two files) script offer registration as well.
plus many many more scripts..

Stealth Cloaker Script
The idea behind STEALTH CLOAKER is that you have two types of entrance pages on your web site. You have the kind you want search engines to see and the kind you want everyone else to see. You show the web surfer a different page than the search engine. That's a simplified version of what this script does. The possibilities behind this script are limited only by one's imagination.

Here's a Small Selection of what's included

Easy to use Web Site Submission software.

Works with all current major search engines!



Use Banner Buddy To Quickly Generate Banner/Text Link HTML!

With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site.



The nightmare: You've just rolled out a massive advertising campaign. Is your website working properly?

Use Domain Alarm And Know Instantly When Your Website Is Down!


Website appraisals=BIG MONEY!

Use this software to produce professional appraisals of any site and watch the cash roll in!



Yes, we've packed over 100 logo designs onto the DVD too. All royalty free and ready to use for your projects. All professionally designed - WOW!

Not satisfied with the Logo's, we've also added 99 ready to use banners you can use to promote your online business...

Oh, and we've included 114 FLASH Banners and Intro's too! And the package to view/use them straight from the DVD!

Put life into any web page! Just cut and paste the flash banners and intros into your webpage to create stunning effects. You don't know anything about flash. No need to pay expensive flash artists. Full instructions given on how to use the product.

Inside the product are 114 beautifully flash design templates which you can use as banners, intros, buttons in any of your web pages or auction pages

  • Sell to any website owner looking for products that will make their web pages to stand out.
  • Sell to auction sellers who want to make their auction page attract more bidders.


It's no good us supplying all these business idea's and then leaving you to get on with it so, we've added 2000 professional website templates to the DVD too. These are not old, out of date sites, these are professional designs complete with all the source files (Flash, Photoshop etc.) Just check out some of the designs you'll be getting when you buy..

These templates sell elsewhere for more than the price of this DVD on their own..

Plus, when SPEED is your priority, we've also given you 300+ FAST LOADING simple, elegant designs!


Over 2000 Retro arcade games


Relive your childhood down the smokey arcades, spending all your time and cash playing these classics.. Ahhhh happy days...


BUY NOW! Only YOU have the power to change your destiny. On this DVD is everything you will need to trade successfully in the auction sites or on the internet. You have so many opportunities here to launch a profitable business that you simply cannot fail. We've spent months accumulating the contents of this DVD and nothing is more important to us than our customers' happiness. That's why we boldly offer our full satisfaction guarantee - you really have NOTHING TO LOSE.

This DVD is BRAND NEW - It was launched JULY 2005 and is kept up to date so you'll always have the latest versions of all the files and software. Some of the products on this DVD sell for hundreds, are you happy to pay a tiny fraction of the true cost??

35'000 eBooks, A TON of Software, £2000 (About $3600) worth of PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE TEMPLATES, 750MB+ of Fun stuff plus, Animated Gifs, and sounds.

Stealth Cloaker Script
The idea behind STEALTH CLOAKER is that you have two types of entrance pages on your web site. You have the kind you want search engines to see and the kind you want everyone else to see. You show the web surfer a different page than the search engine. That's a simplified version of what this script does. The possibilities behind this script are limited only by one's imagination.

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